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Board Certified Internal Medicine

More than 15 years of practice experience. Committed to create a new doctor's visit experience at SQ2 Primary Care. We focus on total well-being with healthy Mind and Body. The true whole approach to care. Through life and health coaching, combined with in-depth knowledge and application of modern therapeutics. We are here to protect the biggest wealth of your life, Your Health!



Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with 10 years of experience in healthcare with a history of serving diverse populations as a U.S. Army Combat Medic, Emergency Medical Technician, and Registered Emergency Nurse. In the midst of working in emergency medicine, I discovered a deeper calling – a passion for women's health. It's a field that speaks to my heart, where I've found purpose in helping women navigate the complexities of their health journey.
From hormone imbalances to PCOS, from menopause to weight management, I've dedicated myself to understanding the intricacies of women's health issues. But beyond just treating symptoms, I believe in holistic care that addresses the root causes and empowers individuals to take control of their health.
Each patient I encounter is unique, with their own story, struggles, and aspirations. My goal isn't just to prescribe treatments but to listen, to understand, and to walk alongside each person on their path to wellness.
In our journey together, I'm committed to providing not just medical expertise, but also empathy, support, and encouragement. Because I believe that healing isn't just about fixing ailments – it's about restoring hope, dignity, and joy in life.

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